Better Days Are Coming

Not every day is a bad one. Though they seem to string together sometimes in a blurry rhetoric. 

This too shall pass.

Thank You Jesus for the really good days. The OK days. The days where nothing really happens. We will take those too. For every day is a gift.

Thank You for Your transforming Love that doubles us over. Thank You for using life as our teacher. For helping us open our eyes when everything in us screams “No I just can’t!” –

The truth is there is nothing we cannot face with God at our side.

He is the one thing that never leaves us nor forsakes us. Sticking closer than a brother He never ever fails us.

He can be trusted. 

So whatever you may be trudging through this morning – whatever has you pressed down into your bed thinking you just don’t have the strength to rise – it is not too great for God.

He saw whatever this is coming long before you did. You are in the palm of His mighty hand.

Have peace knowing that the Lord God Almighty is with you.

He really, really is.

Much love y’all,

Bonnie ❤

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