The Great Pursuit

We are all a work in progress. We are all at different stages in our life. We have to stop comparing ourselves to others if we want real peace. 

God made each of us set-apart unique. We are all His handiwork. 

We all belong, we all have great worth & value – whether we believe it or not. Yet. 

We cannot allow the actions of others to make us feel any less about ourselves. May we encourage each other to stop that madness.

Let us give each other Grace – & may we heap it upon ourselves too. 

Lord knows we all need it.

We are loved. Yes, even you.

Beautifully, wonderfully, fearfully made YOU. 

So Love God – with everything fiber of your being. And reach deeper – get more crystal-clear revelation of just how much you really are loved. Keep at it till it becomes your core. 

And love your neighbor as yourself. 

It is the greatest, highest pursuit. 

Much much more of it y’all, 

Bonnie ❤

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