Amazing Love

And I will put this third into the fire, and refine them as one refines silver, and test them as gold is tested. They will call upon my name, and I will answer them. I will say, ‘They are my people’; and they will say, ‘The Lord is my God’. – Zechariah 13:9 

“I never tire of being with you. I never wish I were somewhere else. I am here to lead you. I am here to shepherd you. You are in my care. 

I care about every choice you make. I care about where you go and how you work and how you rest. I care about whom you spend time with and how you love. Yes, I care about that the most—how you love.

There is no measuring stick in how one loves. There is no way to compare, to say he does it this way and she does it that way. You are made to love uniquely, in the unique way I’ve made you to do it. You are whom I have made you to be when you love the way only you can. 

Your love makes me smile. 

And it is needed. 

Your love—my love in you—is hope for people I love. It is kindness and compassion and gentleness and service. My love in you is what equips you to give freely and love without boundaries. Only when you love freely, with your personality and with your gifts—can my freedom be experienced in you. And that is what people find captivating.

Me in you? That is what is captivating. That is what shines. That is what brings people hope. That is what lets you care less about productivity and more about being with Me. When you are with Me, you are loving. And when you are loving, you are experiencing my freedom; you inhabit my space. It is what you have been designed to live.

Joy. Freedom. Hope.

So don’t second guess how I’ve made you. I only made one you. Only one. You are the only one, my daughter. So inhabit my love and you will love in abundance without having to try. Because you will be being yourself. And, oh, that’s just the best now, my darling.” – Loop Devotional 


How we love – that seems to be a running theme lately. I went to church yesterday and that’s what they were talking about. Love is the greatest of all. 

God Himself is Love. 

It moves mountains & changes lives & turns the tides. It is powerful & mighty. It can motivate us to do things we never thought we could. 
The Love of God is the only reason I am here today & the only reason I am who I am today. 

Amazing, wonderful, beautiful love.

And much more of it y’all, 


One thought on “Amazing Love


    The concept seems all so simple, doesn’t it? Gratefully, we have a Father who knows us far better than evenn we know ourselves, and leads us to a place where knowing and being onesself isn’t at all self-indugent, but is clothed in the fruit of the Spirit. Good stuff, sweet sister.


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