Go On, Dream A Bigger Dream

“Roll the care of every circumstance over on Me. Trust Me for it all. Know that I am not only attentive to your needs, but neither am I neglecting your dreams. Go ahead, dream a bigger dream. Even during great challenges and difficulties I never despise the dreamer. Expect more of the life and life more abundantly that I have promised. I went to the cross to bring you more than bare survival. I would that you prosper and be in health and ride high above the nations of the earth. My blessing is coming. My blessing is there now – manifesting during the chaos. Broaden your horizons, and believe for highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled. I will be petitioned of you, even as I was petitioned of Jabez, who cried out to Me “enlarge my coast” and I granted him the thing he desired. Keep trusting. Keep looking to Me. The great works are being made manifest, and things are about to come to yoke easy and burden light.” – Father’s Heart Ministry 


Be encouraged! 

Much love y’all, 


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