Don’t. Give. Up.

What is yet uncovered in you?

What are you pregnant with?
What have you agonized over & clung to
With white-knuckled grip in faith believing for?
Dreams planted there by God. Yes, God.
Do. Not. Give. Up.
He says He will give us the desires of our heart –
As we delight in Him.
We must stay in a place of wonder
Enraptured in His love
Always grateful
Because He is always good.
Lord give us that crazy-kind-of-Grace in the waiting
That only You can give
And may we be content in Your all-knowing Hand.
His plans are the best for us.
Even when they don’t turn out as we wanted.
His plans are always for our betterment
Never for our harm.
Please keep your dreams alive –
Start thanking Him daily for bringing them to pass
Even when all circumstance is spitting no in your face.
God. Is. Able.
Do not settle for copy-cat imitations –
For your spirit deep-down knows them when you meet them
Don’t stick your head in the sand
Pretending you don’t see God’s direction or hear His whisper.
We can all be fooled, but thank you God for always revealing truth
To those who are willing to hear.
For the will is a powerful thing
Not our wills Lord, but Yours be done.
In Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior’s name,
Much love y’all~
And a big warm hug of great expectation for the good things to come,

One thought on “Don’t. Give. Up.


    I.needed.this. Thanks Bonnie. I just recently turned 60, and it was a tough one. I felt like my grip on some of those dreams had loosened. Would I have time to see them come to pass, or was I just being deluded that they were from Him? At the time, I decided it didn’t matter what I felt. I just HAD to keep on, and in doing so I felt there was no other way to continue to honor God,and the relationship I have with Him. I don’t really have any other option, other than to turn my back on Him.But I needed this confirmation;I didn’t know how much. It was like a hug. Thanks. Susan

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