I Am Not a Dead-Beat Dad

This excerpt down below is something I have clung to & read & re-read & claimed for months over the life of someone I love very much. The line that has always stood out the most when thinking of them or facing something screaming in my own face is ~

“I am not a dead-beat Dad.”
He is NOT. Do you hear me?
He is a GOOD Father.
Someone needs to really get this.
He has NOT left you.
He NEVER will.
Stop entertaining the lie & hiss of the enemy that you are permanently broken – somehow beyond repair.
That you are beyond God’s reach. That you have done too much – had too much done to you. That is a fallacy from the pit of hell.
I raise my hand in testimony that if God will love me, help me, guide ME??!! – He will CERTAINLY do the same for you.
You have no idea…
I am your misfit & broken & misguided & naive sister from waaaaay back.
But then GOD…..
He changed all of that.
And keeps me ever on the wheel of glory-to-glory.
Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!!!
Stand up right now & REFUSE to believe for one more second that you are banished from God’s Great Love.
He IS Love. You are HIS.
Thank you Jesus!!!!!!
“I have heard your voice and the cry of your heart. My ear is not deaf neither have I turned away from you in the hour of your need. I am not a far off God. I am not a dead-beat Dad. I take care of My own. Trust Me. Come to Me. Take your hand off the tiller of your life and allow Me to direct your path. Those things that you cannot fix and situations that you cannot change are in My hand. Know that I am working. Know that My promise is true and will be made manifest as you trust and rely upon Me and not any other false resource.
Trouble and sorrow are not your portion. Deliverance is My promise and deliverance will be the end of the matter in your current situation. As you have called upon Me so I will act. At no time am I sitting upon the throne silently approving of the fact that you are suffering. I have been represented in that way by the congregation of the uninformed but they have me ALL WRONG. I will preserve you when you are brought low. I will bring you to rest on the threshing floor of My purposes.” – Father’s Heart Ministry
Much love y’all & much more belief & faith in Who God really Is,
(image courtesy of blog.frontiergap.com)

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