Honesty From A Hollow-ish Place

I just have to be honest with y’all. I have hit a bit of a slump in writing. I genuinely have to feel a fiery spark of true inspiration to be able to pour anything out. 

I value being able to write here. I value whether or not it makes a difference. So I don’t take it lightly.

Thank you for grace as I trudge through this. I’ve had a lot going on recently pulling me this way & that emotionally & though I do not feel disconnected from God, I feel – – well I really don’t know what I feel actually.

I think part of it is just being a woman in my late 40s, hormonal, & facing things that are out of my control that I care very much about.

I am keenly aware daily of God’s presence in my life. I do not doubt His ability to speak to me, guide me & most of all to love me, no matter what.

Usually when I get here I do write about it & usually with an apology attached. Part of me feels silly for apologizing & part of me feels it’s the right thing to do.

I can’t just throw something out there because it sounds good or feels good. I want it to be from my guts. From my heart’s depth. And as I’m writing this out I realize that this kind of is. Even though it’s not necessarily bright & sunny.

One thing is for sure, no matter what each hour holds, God is always good. He is always there & always dependable. I am so incredibly thankful for that. 
Each & every day of my life.

Thank you for bearing with me.
I will get there. From what I hear a lot of writers go through this. I guess when you’re trying to constantly encourage & lift others up it’s not always easy when you’re in a hollow-ish place yourself. 

Nevertheless Lord, I will praise You. 

Much love y’all,


(image courtesy of Flickr.com)

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