Ramblings On Life & Ruts & Change & Love 

Good morning all. I hope you are doing well & if you’re struggling I hope that you are clinging to Jesus. ❤

I honestly feel burdened right now. There have been multiple deaths of young people close to other people that I know in the last two weeks. Someone who is a family member to one of my best friends has been diagnosed with cancer. Two of the people I work with have family members who have either died recently of cancer or cancer has come back with a vengeance. It’s all a bit much.

The older that I get the shorter life becomes, the more mortal that I feel. As a Christian, I do not fear death. I believe that there is an eternity waiting for me on the other side of it. And all the more I really want my life to count. 

Lately my body has been telling on me. I have to quit talking to myself about getting more healthy & actually do it. My joints are getting stiffer & I’m tiring more easily. My get up & go seems to have gotten up & went. I cannot pray it away. I have to make some changes. Routine is routine & it can turn into a rut if we aren’t careful. Mine needs some breaking.

We cannot control life or what happens to us. But we can make a concentrated effort to be better in areas that matter. Not to be in competition with anyone, or to be legalistic. Or because someone else thinks we should. But because we want to live a healthy life, from the inside out. 

I know this post has been kind of all over the place but that’s how I’m feeling.

Life is precious & fragile. We have so much to be thankful for. 

Let us daily Love God & love each other ~

And live in Truth. 

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all ~ every day, 


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