Great Anticipation

Faith-inciting encouragement for someone today from *Father’s Heart Ministry* – I’m raising my hand high – I’ll take it Lord!

“I am the God of highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled. I know what you long for. I put those longings there in the midst of your heart. I didn’t do so to torment you with what you could never experience as a reality in your life. Set aside all those thoughts that suggest you must endure the unendurable or go through life miserable and unhappy. That is not My plan. I am not willing for you to live without fullness of joy. I want you to have joy unspeakable and full of glory. I want you to be as one that dreams for the majesty and awestruck reality of heaven come to earth in your life. This is My plan and this is My purpose, so come along side and be a believing believer! Trust and have confidence that those very things you long for will be brought about in My timing.

You see those things that you have dreamed of and cried out for are not a vain hope. I am not a God of vain things, I am the God of genuine substance who answers the cry of those who call out to Me with a whole heart. I not only plan to bring about what you have asked for, I am purposing to bring about what you have not dared to ask for because you have thought it was presumption. Learn to dismiss those who would deny you access to My throne with your petition. My rebuke is on those who would deny you, even as I rebuked the disciples who forbade the children to come unto Me. Just run to Me this day says the Father. Run to Me with the full cry of your heart and disclose to Me every hope, every fear and every challenge and I will meet you and comfort you and set you in a place of abundance and freedom beyond all that you might imagine possible.”


Much love y’all – look up, up, up!


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