The Wonderful Risk Of Vulnerability

Pondering on this nugget gleaned from Ann Voskamp’s The Broken Way ~

Vulnerability creates connection.

It really does.
I find it hard to feel close to someone who always has to appear they have it all together. Who is always great no matter when you ask them. Who always has to seem as though they know something about everything. Or those who won’t share anything deeper-than-the-skin personal.
I get that people are the way they are for their own reasons.
Mostly I think it’s self-protection.
But love can’t be found when nothing is risked.
Love is risky. It. Just. Is.
Relationships grow & take deeper root by sharing.
One to another.
They grow by confessing we don’t have it all together.
We don’t know everything.
That sometimes we aren’t ok in our humanity.
At all. And it’s ok to say so.
We need many times for those we are trying connect to to simply hear us-
To listen, just to listen.
Not always to respond.
Shoulders & backs don’t have a mouth.
But they have warmth & strength & kindness.
And understanding.
Sometimes that’s all we need. For someone to just show up. Nothing more.
Lord help us to find that balance.
So we can be more effective for You.
Let’s face it, there are just some things only God can make right.
There are some things only He can bring a person through.
We can encourage & fight beside those in the hottest battles –
But we can’t fix it all for them.
That’s God’s department.
We would just monk it up –
Even though sometimes we think we know best.
To those who are cowering in corners, feeling alone & misunderstood, judged & condemned –
God send Your hands & feet.
Send your softest yet strongest warriors alongside.
To lift & lighten & lean into.
Send humility & grace & mercy & love.
Send connection where maybe none has been found in so, so long.
Help us to be all things to all people Lord.
Not to be the best, or the first, or the greatest.
Just to be Yours.
That is our highest calling.
Much love y’all & much more vulnerability among us,

One thought on “The Wonderful Risk Of Vulnerability


    Needed this today. My natural shyness, and years of being involved in a church where a smile and a stiff upper lip were made out to be godly, it’s hard for me to really be myself. I appreciate the open honesty of this entry, and your blog in general. love you, Susy

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