The Gift Of Life

Life is life 

And death 

And joys 

And sorrows. 


And comfort. 


And forgiveness. 


And not meant-tos. 

Hopes dashed 

And dreams fulfilled. 


That aren’t coincidences. 


And seasons. 


And defeats

And decisions 

And consequences. 


And exhaustions


And tenacities. 

Help & gift-ed hope 

From our Aarons & Hurs 

When like Moses, we can no longer lift our arms 

Not on our own. 

Words & gestures & showing up 

Lifting up & laboring 

With nothing expected in return.

Prayers of power from the outside

When whispering our own is all we can muster. 

Thank you Jesus. 

Life ebbs & it flows 

And swells & crashes. 

Like the craziest unbelievably wonderfully twisted glorious epic thing that it is. 

It is a privilege to live it –

It is privilege to grieve

And to rejoice 

That is love. 

The highest thing 

And what causes us to pay the highest prices – 

What. A. Gift. 

To live outside ourselves & our own tiny worlds

To touch the lives of others

That is living- 

To be his hands and feet.

I do deep-down want to grow old in all of this 

Even on days when I don’t. 

Much more love & living y’all, 



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