Quiet Nights & Finding My Peace Again

When I got home last night I turned on the TV like usual but decided not to turn the sound up for whatever reason. Glad I did. I went on about making my dinner, puttering & settling in for the night. It helped to clear up my cloudy head, in all honesty. 

I have had a whole lot going on upstairs here recently – clamoring for my attention, clamoring to gobble up my emotions. Just to spit them back out into some kind of psycho jumbled-up concoction. Lord help me. 

Some days I have to work harder than others to get back to my own personal peace. That crazy-wonderful-gift found only in God. I mean, I wish I could just float on some ethereal cloud whenever I want but that ain’t happening. Not without the aid of a substance of some kind. No thank you. 

But there are times when the pressure is so great – & as I am reaching out around me I find other people are in the same situation as me, some worse, some not quite as bad. But it’s all a kind of hell. Hell is as hell does. We are not alone. Not even you. Trust me. 

But. God. 

As I was writing just now I saw a vision of myself sitting down in the center-bottom of a giant & empty silo. Empty that is, except for me. It had to have been 3 stories-high. There was no visible ladder or rope to the top. But there was a light, soft & revealing – shining down on me from the opening. 
And l slowly lifted my eyes up to Where they belong. 

Sometimes what we think is so impossible, so hopeless – really is not. God can do anything. Do you hear me? ANYTHING. 

He is life to the dead. 

He is sight to the blind.

He is sound to the deaf. 

He is light to the darkness.

He is provision to the poor.

He is strength to all weakness. 

He clarity to all confusion. 

He. Is. God. All-mighty. 

The beginning & the end. 

The Creator of all things. 

And He ALONE holds the keys to death, hell & the grave.

Hallelujah to The King of kings & Lord of lords – 

Hallelujah to the Lion of Judah!!! 

I just preached myself straight-up. 

I pray these words are doing the same for you. 

It’s not over till God says it’s over. 



Much love y’all & much more building ourselves up on our most holy of faith, 


(image courtesy of photobucket.com)

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