The Hell Of Pain & The Author Of Peace

“True heart pain. Feeling like you are on the table in open heart surgery with no anesthesia. This is where you learn where your true peace and healing comes from- In the Vine with Him!” – Theresa Croft
I can honestly & unequivocally say that it has ONLY been through the greatest pain in my life that I’ve received my greatest healing.

Times when I was doubly bent-over & nose-down so far into the fibers in my carpet that I thought I’d just disappear. Right. There.
Pain of epic proportions & thoughts racing through my mind on some crazy carousel. So much so that I questioned my sanity. I understand that kind.

And I know what the answer is & Who is able to truly help ~
Cry out to Jesus.

That’s what I am in the midst of right this very moment.
In another hellish repetitive season.
That I have faced over & over. And over.
And feeling that hell for someone I love more than words can do any justice.

I am so weary.
And almost numb at times – which may even be grace to me.
But I have not & will not give up hope. No.
You will not see me doing that.
As God as my witness.

Much love y’all & more embracing of the pain –
Do not run from it. Face it instead, head-on with God in you, beside you & at your back,





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