The Victory At The End Of The Waiting 

It’s the truth. The longer we have to wait for something the sweeter it is when we finally receive it.
I believe that anything really good takes time.

There must be a period of preparation & method –

The ins & the outs, ups & downs

The whys & wheres – 

And sometimes, most times, the reasoning eludes us

And we kick & we scream – 

And we pray & we cry like we’ve gone absolutely mad. 
Lord help us to let go & know that You alone are The Master -You alone know exactly how it will all come to be 

And what is best for us & those we love most. 

I’m so grateful for the pockets of victory & the growth I’ve gleaned in my own waiting along the way  

For the deep-deep-down desires 

In my weathered & weary heart. 

I would not trade them for anything – no, not one thing. 

Thank you Lord – 

I will not give up 


Some of you have been waiting for things for years.  

Extending a warm hand to yours, I am your sister – 

A-kin to your tarry. 

Oh how I know the depths it can drag you to 

And the heights that can be reached when we choose to praise God anyway. 

That’s my secret – 

It’s what pulls me through every single battle. 

May you be encouraged right now. May you find great peace & joy in this season, albeit long as it has been. And may you find contentment that has no earthly sense about it at all – flat-out confounding the wisest among us. That’s the best kind. This is my prayer for each of you. 

Much love y’all & hope-full anticipation for what’s coming, 


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