A Thursday Declarative

Jesus has never – not ever – failed me. Not once.
Have things always gone my way? Ha! Absolutely not.
But I have learned that His ways are certainly not my own.
If left up to me, my life would look nothing like it does now.
And that’s to put it mildly. I have learned humility & that I don’t have all the answers, that is for sure.
I understand how some of us may get angry with God –
Especially when tragedy strikes or illness crops up we never saw coming.
But there is a beautifully-threaded line woven into our faith that runs deeper the longer we walk with Him. The longer we learn to trust Him with every little facet of our every-day.
I run to Him when I don’t know what to do & even when I feel so sure that I do.
Sometimes feeling something is so right really is terribly wrong.
We can miss it in the worst way. And boy how I have learned that lesson.
And boy how I have grown stronger & wiser through it.
All by the unending well of grace He supplies – that never runs dry.
I am constantly turned inside out by His goodness ~
And He is the one thing I know I can trust implicitly.
Oh to lean on The Everlasting Arms of Jesus…
Hallelujah Lord.
Much love y’all ~ & much more sweet, sweet trust in Him,

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