Peace, Our Barometer

“Let My peace be the baseline – the default experience that defines who you are under all extremes. There are those around you that know nothing of life if they are not reeling from one crisis to another. Step off that carousel of futility and the ordinary.” – Father’s Heart Ministry”

For quite a long time now I have done my best to allow peace to be the barometer of my life. When I feel it leaving I know that something is wrong.
For most of my life I lived without any, so now that I have it, let me tell you –
I don’t want to EVER let it go.

Now I get that with life in general, circumstances etc., things can be thrown into an upheaval. But even in the midst of all of that we can still get back to peace. It’s all in where our focus is. Where our focus lands.

We must keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author & Finisher of our faith.
That is the only place that true peace comes from in my experience.

When drama is swirling all around you or people in close proximity of your life – if you’re anything like me you just want to run away as fast as your legs will carry you. Some people seem to not be able to live without it. I know a few like that. God help us.

If you have experienced this peace that I talk about & now it has disappeared for whatever reason, find your sacred place and get quiet.
Ask God what happened & to give you a strategy in getting it back.
Sometimes it’s a simple answer, other times something difficult will be required to obtain it again. Possibly even walking away from someone very toxic in our life. Or some-thing. I have been there.

No matter what you’re facing today, God has got you in the very palm of His hand. I am praying for those of you reading this that know that your peace is gone or it’s not what it used to be – that you find out why & that it returns to you. And if a decision is required of you to get there, that God gives you extra grace to be able to make it & follow through.

Much love y’all & much more peace – it’s attainable,


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