Try, Try, Try

Try, try, try.
That’s what came to me in the wee hours to share this morning.

We all need a coach telling us each day in these times we find ourselves in – to keep getting up & try, try try.

Put in the effort, have that gumption we admire in others –
Strengthen that stamina.
Get up & do the day even when we don’t want to.
Get up & do the thing we least want to.
Let us not burrow further down & pull the covers up, up, up even further over our heads. Shutting out whatever life is flinging our way.
Because alas, it doesn’t go away as we attempt to shove it aside. It only waits.

So we need to TRY – at least try.
And then go a little more. And more.
And before we know, we are doing it – whatever our “it” is.
We have one life to live – let’s make it count.

May we determine to make this next year better than the last.
To do things we’ve never done –
Try things we’ve never tried.

Try, try, try.
For He makes all things New, New, New.

Hallelujah Lord – You are the Author & Finisher of our faith.
May we never stop trying.
And we praise You for adding Your grace to our efforts in You.

Much love y’all,


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