Beautiful You

Beautiful. You.

You, looking tiredly into the mirror, frowning at what you see.
With your crinkly, twinkly eyes & laugh lines & frown burrows.
Your worn & parched & crepey skin & stretch marks & pock-marks, all bearing proof of a life that’s been lived. You can almost see your soul etched plainly there for everyone to see. Soft in places you wish were firm-er, harder still in unseen places you wish could just be soft-er again. I get it. I am your sister.
And oh how beautiful you are to our Father.
Yes, you.

What He sees is so much more, so much greater – a completed & perfect work of art – crafted by the One & Only.

So the next time you are tempted to look away in disgust at your reflection – remember to Whom you belong. Remember what He says about you. Remember that you are worth far more than rubies. That all of your hairs are numbered, that you are the apple of His eye. Love on Him today, love on yourself today. Love on each other. It’s what life is all about. In its simplest form.

You my friend are a beautiful, beautiful treasure.


(image courtesy of pinterest)


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