The Miraculous Up-Up-Up Of Joy

When prayerfully considering what to write about this morning I simply envisioned some red balloons & the words “Up, up, up” came to mind – then the word “Joy.”

The God-given kind of joy enables us to rise up above whatever we are facing. Even the worst of circumstances. It somehow helps us to separate from the chaos of it all. To have peace when it really makes no sense to have any. I know it first-hand.

I have one situation in my life that has been here for years on end.
And I am tired. Really, really tired.
I can’t even call it a thorn in my side because it is so much bigger & deeper than that.

But I still get up every day & I go to work, I take care of myself & my home. I stay responsible & try to do the right things. And I still believe for things to turn upward in the life of someone I love more than anything this side of heaven. And what gets me there, what gets me through – is joy.
The joy of the Lord is truly my strength.
And it alone. I take no credit.

I believe I have found my way to this unearthly place from practicing gratitude. For being thankful every single day, through it all. For always acknowledging God’s sovereignty in my life. For being grateful for the good & the bad. Praising Him in spite of this or that trying to strangle my hope. God. Is. Greater.

I pray you find your joy today.
And that it takes you up, up, up –
Over whatever is working overtime to bring you down.

Much love y’all & much more joy.
It really is possible – I am living proof.


(image courtesy of Photography Blogger)


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