One Sweet Day…

Possibly the best selfie ever.

And just think – oh my God-
One day we will all get to do the same thing
Whenever we want.
Can you imagine what that will be like?
Way out yonder on the other side
When we step into our Eternity.

I don’t know about y’all but sometimes to say I long for that home in the sweet Bye-&-Bye is the biggest understatement.
No more sickness, no more tears, no more pain? Seriously?
And we will be with our Savior up close & personal for-ev-er.
Ponder a thousand years & they will only be as but a day –
Just a blink in the great & wide Beyond.

Now I’m not trying to leave anytime soon, let me clarify.
But oh my, just the thought sends me somewhere else
Over my warm mug of coffee this morning.
Sweet Jesus, You are everything I could never find anywhere else. And beyond all that. Thank You for it all.

Hallelujah Lord.

Much love y’all ~ let your minds drift there with me for just a little while,


(image courtesy of Resonance Science Foundation)



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