Best Isn’t Always Easy

Sometimes doing the right thing rips & tears away at our being in the worst kind of way. And standing our ground can be terrifying but oh-so-necessary in certain situations.
Believing that we each need to be responsible for our choices & that we cannot blame others for them is a common & very human struggle. And taking the healthiest route isn’t always the easiest.
In fact most of the time it’s the hardest. Because in order to do so, we must drop our favorite rocks & look into our own mirrors.
I don’t know about you but I need Jesus.
I need His grace. His mercy, His Love ~
Every. Single. Day.
I need His chastening, His wisdom, His direction – constantly.
Because I can sure be an unruly soul.
And I can sure monk something up good-fashioned with the best intention in a heartbeat. Lord help me.
God shine Your light today ~
Into whatever darkened trial we are clawing through.
Be that beacon of hope where we so desperately need it.
In Jesus’ mighty name,
Much love y’all,
(image found on pinterest)

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