The Dance

Too beautiful not to share – from the Loop devotional ~ be encouraged in your uniqueness…
“Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him” (Colossians 2:6).

Daughter, I love your gifts. I love what you are equipped to do. I love how you are made and the way you see. You are needed for the way you see.

The way you love is unique to everyone else. You are needed to reach out, for I give you eyes to see things no one else will notice. Your heart beats fast, its own rhythm. And I love how it is made to beat in alignment with Me.

The way you move, with Me, is a pace that feels like dance. You move with beauty and with grace and with light that cannot be contained. It is made to be seen. You are made to be seen by Me, and I see you, and I delight in you, and I love how you do it.

My eyes are on you, and your eyes are made to be on what you love. And I can show you how to love Me more. What you are made to love, with Me, will be blessed by the fullness of my love. All this will be done through the unique way you see, with the unique way your eyes are on Me.

You love what you are made to love when you keep your eyes on Me. For then you see what you are made to see, your dance steps in sync with Me. You turn and dip and bend and twirl, and we keep step together. There is music, now, when we dance, to bless the ones you see.

Let’s, together, invite them in. For I let you see possibility. I let you see hope. I let you see light.

Who needs to be invited in? Whom have I made you to see? Who wants to join in—learning the steps to their unique dance, with Me?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Much love y’all,


(image courtesy of pinterest)


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