Why Not Embrace It All?

This season for Thanksgiving & Christmas I get the privilege of being with my son. That hasn’t happened in too-long due to unwanted circumstances that prevented that from happening.

So I will embrace it full-on. He is my eyeball, that one.
What in your life hasn’t happened in a long time that maybe you have opportunity for now?
What are going to do with it?
Maybe – just maybe –
Seize the day, the moment.
Forgive, let go –
Choose love.
Life is worth bridging the gaps, hugging necks without prickling –
Laying our gavels down & allowing peace to reign.
We only get one shot at this after all.
I will be the first to raise my aging hand that I have been Bah-Humbug at this time of year for the last few. But slowly I have inched my way back to the sincere belief that I truly have no good reason not to be thankful – no good reason not to jump in & embrace the magic of it all. Seeing clearly that wallowing in any pity at all of current circumstances I may find myself in is futile.
It doesn’t change a thing & only makes me feel worse.
Why give it any energy?
I am doing my very best to embrace every day now.
To be present, more fully.
I am alive & I am well.
And I am not where I was.
God has good plans for us all.
So be thankful.
Embrace where you are –
Love God, yourself & others.
And you will be rich indeed.
Much love y’all,
(image courtesy of fieldnotes-steve.blogspot.com)

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