Oh To Be Content

I shared this on my personal FB page last night. It’s about finding contentment. Something I think we all have had a struggle with at some point or another. It has been a long process for me but man, does it feel good….
It just hit me that I’m more fully learning what contentment really is.
It’s less about being happy at any given moment & much more about being present & accepting of where I am right now.
About stripping the expectations off.
About not focusing so much on the path ahead that I lose sight of today. This moment.
Being grateful for where I have come from, where I am now & my faith & trust in God to take care of me, my son & the future.
Being more trusting that His plans for us really are better than anything we could come up with.
It’s also no secret that I am single & have been for quite some time. And for the last several years I carried a list in my wallet of the things that I thought I desired in a mate.
After a very bad experience I burned it over my kitchen sink & then before long I had made a new one.
Recently, during dinner with a very sweet & wise friend, I deleted that list too. She reminded me that he has already been hand-picked, is exactly what I need & vice-versa.
And that it’s going to be much better than any list of my own- so really, why have one?
It sounds silly maybe to some but that was a divine & defining moment for me. Nothing in this woman right here wants to rush a process that might potentially ruin an otherwise really good thing. Just for the sake of not being lonely once in a while?
I can handle that. I’ve been through far worse, no thank you.
I keep reminding myself that He is the potter & I am the clay.
I have to stay on this wheel no matter how uncomfortable it may get at times. Because the end result will be something I will never be able to take credit for that way. ❤
Much love y’all & much more contentment for the journey,


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