A Prayer For Help

This is more of a rambling prayer than anything this morning. I’m sure some of you will be able to relate. If you want to pray with me that would be doubly good. I’m in agreement for y’all too. ❤️

Lord I come to you in humility this morning. The humility of who I am vs. who You are. The humility of not having the answers & the realization that I am nothing apart from You. I struggle so much when someone is angry with me – whether I know I have truly done something wrong or not. I just want to be at peace with everyone but I realize that is not reality. Sometimes there are disagreements & strife no matter how hard we fight for that not to be. Sometimes the people that we love the most shut us out because the path we want for them is different than the one they want to travel. How do I completely let go & let you God? And how do I do that & have peace consistently? I realize I have no control over what others do & that becomes more evident every day. That revelation alone has taught me so much & for that I am so grateful Lord. I have not mastered being anxious for nothing. But I keep quoting Your word back to You. I know it is taking root & becoming more & more life to me. I hate that age old foe-of-a-feeling – that knot in the pit of my stomach – screaming at me still – that I am not enough. Hissing the lie that if everyone is not happy with me then I must have done something terribly wrong. And if I don’t jump through each person’s individual hoops then rejection will surely fall squarely on my head. I don’t want to have my feelings for myself based on how someone may be acting towards me at any given moment. I have come a long way but I still am not there. I know what You say about me Lord. I know that Your love for me & for my loved ones is so much greater than we can imagine. That thought always shifts me back. I would just love to stand more in that place than not. I am a total wreck without You. I would have nothing & be nothing apart from You. You are my strength & my song. My portion when I can’t find any anywhere else & greater still when I think I have. Help me to get outside myself this morning. Help me to love stronger, better, brighter. Help me to trust You far above what I see. You are worthy of all glory, all honor, all praise. I always need you Lord.

In Jesus’ precious, wonderful, mighty, mighty name,


(image courtesy of todaysChristianwoman.com)


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