We Are Loved

Sometimes I feel God so close & so strong that it’s like He’s standing up on the inside of me. Last night was case in point.

I was sitting there freshly scrubbed from a hot shower watching a really good movie – my stomach still feeling full from the guilty snack I had earlier. (For dinner.) And it was uncomfortably protruding more than I would like. No-ones fault but mine. I even caught myself trying to suck it in. And for what? I was sitting here alone for goodness’ sake. And alone with the thought of who would honestly love me for me one day.
I wish those kind of negativity-s would just go away frankly. Maybe they will – I’m a work-in-progress after all. Progress being the operative word. Back to it –

So then as quickly as those age-old broken-record thoughts came, they left. And I free-fell into the holy affirmation that I am already so Loved. It washed over me like a waterfall in the North Carolina mountains on a perfectly warm day. And the very personal knowing that God cares about everything that concerns me. He hears my heart’s cry about the little things & the Big things. In fact I think they are all Big to Him. He is such a Good Father.

It is more than privilege to love and to be loved. Even when we are not so lovable. It’s an honor to receive it & an honor to give it away. Without the needy strings of “I’ll only love you if….”

That’s just my two cents.
Now go on out & have yourself a beautiful day.

Much more Love y’all ~
That Good God-kind.


(image courtesy of theodysseyonline.com)



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