Something Better

Let’s face this truth this morning –

We cannot change or fix what has happened to us.
Or what we caused to happen to someone else.
We cannot undo it or re-frame it –
Or make it something it clearly is not, nor will ever be.
We cannot re-live it enough to turn into what we wish it had been.
No amount of romanticizing or believing so deeply that we can
will ever re-create it. We do not have that kind of power.
We are not rats on a wheel but we are very, very human.
So I get it. Lord knows I have been there many times –
Pining away in futility over this. Or that.
Let us try to live in the moment, to live just for today.
To hope beyond hope for better things to come.
To grow that mustard seed of faith we hold so tightly to –
Into more & more. And more.
To stand unabashedly in courage & strength –
In front of the giants we face.
And refuse to be buried, knocked over, pushed around –
Refuse to live in yesterday, or 5 years ago, or ten.
It. Is. Gone.
Be present.
Our Greatest Encourager is just waiting for us to ~
With gifts in Hand beyond what we’d have asked.
Good Plans, a Future & a Hope.
Hallelujah Lord ~ You Who takes all these things & turns them for our good. Our. GOOD. The Only One who can.
We worship You above all created things –
Past, present & what is to come.
Much love y’all & looking forward to what’s next,

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