I Give Up

I.Give. Up.
Don’t take that negatively. I don’t mean it that way.
I am not going anywhere.
It’s more of a frustrated & exhausted surrendering.
It’s just that life turns on a dime sometimes.
And so do people.
And we are left with the aftermath, whatever it is.
And above it all, beneath it all, beside it all –
My God is still there.
He still has good plans –
For my loved ones, for me, for you.
I really believe that, deep deep down in my know-er.
He. Just. Does.
I will not give up on that.
I am just giving up on trying to figure people out –
Or why things happen & when, where & how they do.
I am officially baffled. On a number of levels.
And I undoubtedly do not have it all ciphered out.
But praise Jesus, I know that You do.
Much love y’all ~ that’s all I have today,
(image courtesy of DanSandy.me)

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