In The Shoveling

When prayerfully pondering what to write about I saw a picture in my mind.
What I saw was a shovel.
Stay with me.

We use them to dig things up-
To move them around –
Or to bury them.
So where do you find yourself today?
I know where I am.

Are you uprooting some old buried thing to free yourself of it once & for all? (That’s me)
Unearthing an old dream you’d given up on – hoping to see it finally grow in this new place you are in? (Again, me)
Or ridding yourself of something you want gone? Just. Gone.
Because there are some things that just need to be. (Yep, me)

I am reminded even now, in the quiet of this morning, that we serve the God of healing. Of freedom.
The God of restoration.
The God of resurrection –
Of dreams we’ve let go of.
Because life got too hard & we just couldn’t believe anymore.

He will come alongside & give us a hand- if we’ll relinquish ourselves & trust Him. Trust in His leading.
Our strong-tower when we are beyond weak & want to
Just. Give. Up.
And when we collapse & we have to rest from all the digging –
He will take over in our stead. He never ever tires.

He leads, He guides & He directs –
Every single day if we will surrender it all. All to Him.
Our blessed Savior ~
Sweet Jesus.

Hallelujah Lord.

I pray for everyone who is digging this morning Father – frantically, purposefully, wholly & holy.
Cover us oh God & protect us while we go about it- thank You for helping us to know when to take a breather.
And when to stand back up & begin again.
Thank you Lord for being our greatest cheerleader & most of all-
For Your Great Love.
Your grace is enough.
In Jesus’ mighty, mighty name,

Much love y’all & the tenacity to keep on digging,


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