Oh How We Need Your Perfect Peace

He will keep us in perfect peace when our minds are stayed on Him.

That’s what I keep reminding myself to do. It is helping in a BIG way.
Some things in this life can feel incredibly uncertain. You will get a sense of great hope and then something will come along and try its best to pummel that hope into the ground. I’ve said it many times before but they don’t call it the fight of faith for nothing.

Where do we run but to Jesus?
The author and finisher of our faith. The lifter of our heads & the lover of our souls. Our savior, our redeemer, our everything.

Lord Jesus I ask you this morning to please touch every life that is struggling. Please whisper Your sweet words of power & love & strength & encouragement into our weary souls. And may we hear & receive them. Help us not to stay down. Help us to rise in Your grace Lord. Help us to stand on Your word no matter what we see or what others may say. Thank You for the immense privilege & the ability to go to war for those that we love. Those that need it the most.
And for ourselves.

Thank You that the keys to death, hell & the grave are in Your hands alone.
Thank You Lord that You never slumber & are always interceding on our behalf. We love & praise You above all created things this morning.

In Jesus’ mighty! name,


Much, much love right now y’all,


(image courtesy of ellel.org)


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