Martyr Or Merciful?

“Compassion is not just sympathy. It is empathy.
When it comes to dealing with people in pain, we mistakenly equate compassion with “fixing” them. Genuine compassion is first able to feel their pain. And the more pain we experience, the more compassionate we will be. We must learn to use our pain in the right way, not lashing out, but looking within to share the pain of others.

There is a choice in every pain, an opportunity in every trial.
Pain makes us focus inward or outward.
It makes us martyrs or merciful. The choice is ours.
We have a choice every time we are confronted with a need.
We can either ignore the need, or we can meet the need by giving away part of the comfort God has given us when we have been in pain.

Galatians 6:2 (NLT) “Share each other’s troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ.”

If we can’t prevent pain, we can at least lighten the load with compassion.

Alan Redpath wrote, “You can never lighten the load unless you have first felt the pressure in your own soul.” Compassion makes us willing to feel the pain of others, responding as if it were our own.” – Excerpt from Girlfriends In God

Compassion & empathy are what moves me to reach out –
To encourage, to try to send a ray of hope.
We need each other so much.
Let’s take our lights out from under our worn & dusty baskets.
It’s time we start living outside ourselves y’all.
It’s high time.

Join me.

If you are struggling in an area in your life, an area that has you on your knees more often than not, reach out to someone else in that same struggle. Strength is found in numbers.

Much love y’all, more compassion & being Jesus’ hands & feet,


(image courtesy of

real : Roland Joffe
Robert De Niro
Mission 1986 real : Roland Joffe Robert De Niro COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL

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