An Empty Box, Battles & Trust

We cannot put God in a box no matter how we try.

He does not move or work according to our plans –
And certainly not our time-tables.
(Boy is that an understatement..)

Trust is at the center of our peace.
I don’t believe we can have it without it.
Knowing He is who He says He is –
Knowing He is faithful to His word –
Is the only thing that gets me through.

Because let’s face it – there are ups & there are downs –
Stormy nights & sunny days. It’s guaranteed. And it’s so much easier to navigate it all when we put our trust where it belongs.

I get that having faith is a battle sometimes.
Especially when we are surrounded by the haze of our circumstances. And I’ve also learned practicing gratitude will make the way more clear – I’m talking the real stuff from our soul’s bottom.

You can do it too – because there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

Much love y’all – & much more trust & gratitude,



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