Broken For The Broken

I can honestly say that for every bad thing I have been through, God has used it all to help someone else through their own.

Beauty for ashes.

Don’t let life’s calamities keep you down.
Don’t stay self-absorbed.
Don’t keep jumping back into the quicksand of bad memories.
Don’t stay victim to the hells that tried to destroy you.

You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus.
He has given you the victory.
He paid the price for you to live free.

Ask God this morning how He would like to use what you’ve been through or may even be going through right this minute –
To encourage another weary soul.
The reach a hand down to pull someone else up & out of their pit.

It will energize you & fulfill you & give you a sense of purpose.
Some of you need that so desperately –
Some of you don’t feel like you belong. Anywhere.
Oh, but you do.
Yes, even you.
Even after all you’ve done & seen & had done to you –
Trust me, I am your ragamuffin sister.
I get it.

I have learned the hard way,
Stubbornly & kicking & screaming at times this potent truth –
Jesus’ blood was enough.
To cover it ALL.

And. You. Are. Enough.

Now go give some of it away beautiful one.
It multiplies when you do.

Much love y’all & sharing our griefs & pains & victories,



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