Noses, Hearts & Humility

When we look down our nose, the only thing we ought to be looking at is our heart…

That’s what came to me as I pondered what to share this morning.
None of us have the right, the wisdom or the throne to judge another soul for their choices.
None of us are without sin & stain.
We are all in need of a Savior.
We are all in need of Love.
We have all fallen.
Done stupid things.
Said stupid things.
We can excuse the why-we-do-it it away till the cows come home –
But the reasons will fall flat in the dust & without any merit at all.
Humility is what we need more of.
And Love for our God, ourselves –
So then we can rightly Love each other,
God help us to stop trying to do Your job –
To drop our gavels.
Help us to stop gossiping & hating –
Seething with envy & strife –
Decorating our prideful souls with grandiose pomposity.
There is no beauty found in that.
Thank You that You don’t condemn us for our folly –
But You love us too much to leave us there for long.
So may we hear You call & finally make our way towards Home.
Lord help us see we are all the same when we bleed.
In Jesus Precious name,
Much love y’all,
(image courtesy of by Sheri Locher)

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