A Tuesday Rambling On The Full-Ness Of Freedom & Love

I was watching TV & texting with a dear friend last night & then right after, had the privilege to encourage a weary soul trying to dig her way out of a hellish place I knew all too well. Afterwards, like so many times before, my heart just randomly spilled right over. Full to the rim & then some.

We all need each other.
I have known my share of heart-shattering stuff. From when I was just a little girl who shouldn’t have ever experienced such things to present day situations I would have never wished for. Enough that I could be black-bitter, seriously & horribly dysfunctional, angry at the world, angry at God – you name it – if it’s negative that could be me. Like totally.
And yet somehow – which must & can only be by the Great Grace of God – I have remained soft.
Capable of love – for God, myself, for others.
Now,  I won’t lie – I still walk with an invisible cane – 
& I still find myself feeling unsure more times that I want to expose.
But it’s my truth & God certainly isn’t done with me yet.
Freedom rests upon me more each day – & sometimes I go screaming backwards because it can feel so damn scary.
But I want it, oh how I want it.
The things that so easily beset me now I know will be dust on the past if I can just ever get there.
Choose love today.
I know firsthand how it helps & it heals –
It encourages & shines light to see our way clear out of the darkest, most hopeless places.
Be love today –
God’s hands & feet.
Praise Love today –
It’s why we are here.
God. Is. Love.
Hallelujah Lord.
Much of it y’all, much much ~

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