That’s Life

Life is real. It’s raw.
It’s exhilarating. And it can be awful.
It’s joyous & it can turn on a dime –
In a great direction or a terrible one.

It’s not always stable or predictable.
It can move fast, slow, or just flat-out disappear.
It tells on us & it changes us. If we let it.
It doesn’t stop moving because we do.
It will pass us by if we don’t get in it.
It’s all we get this side of heaven.

How do we navigate it all, without losing our minds –
How do we keep hope for better days –
When, for some, there seems none can be found?
How can we love & be loved in a world of people –
That these days only seem out for themselves?

The only answer I know ~


He has been & is the most consistent, trustworthy, loving, wise, strong, unrelenting, wholly holy thing in my life.
And I won’t lie, I need Him. Desperately.
And I’d be totally, unequivocally lost without Him.
When all else has failed me, He never has. Not once.
And I know He never will.

Life is better with Him. So. Much. Better.

I’m still fumbling upward –
And it ain’t always pretty –
But by His grace there go I.
Join me.

Let’s determine to live, I mean really live.

Much love y’all,


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