My Unexpected Gift

The sweetest thing happened to me yesterday morning. I was alone at work, plugging along & got a private message from a precious soul that is part of my Grit & Grace Family on Facebook. If you are on there, feel free to follow – Grit & Grace
She said she hoped she hadn’t offended me by what she shared. That could not have been further from the truth.
It was a video of a song & and she couldn’t have known just how much I needed to see it.

It’s too personal to share details on right now, but there is a God-inspired desire in my heart for something that I have never had.
And what she shared with me confirmed that I will have it.
The thing that got to me the most was a tiny detail that is so specific & so personal that only God could have orchestrated my getting the message so clearly. There is no doubt.

This morning – I believe God would have you all to know –
Way down in your know-ers –

“I have got this. I have got you. You are safe in my Hands.
No need to fret, no need to worry –
Because when your desires line up with mine
And your heart delights in Me –
I will move heaven & earth to give them to you.”

Thank you Jesus for Your very-personal affirmation to me.
You know me, You see me. Every intricate tangled, crazy detail. And You know just how to Love me, like no other ever has or ever will.

Much love y’all & believing the best for your life,


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