Praise In The Waiting

Anyone else waiting?

Sharing good bits & pieces of a devotion I received:
“Your song is a weapon of war. Make a joyful noise Beloved, for I am the Rock of your salvation. Even as I was the rock that followed the people through the wilderness, I am the Rock that follows you through every circumstance of life. When Moses and the children of Israel wanted for thirst, they sang to the Rock and the waters of refreshing were made available in abundance. There is abundance under your feet. I am a God that is near to you as hands and feet.
There is a sound of an abundance of rain. Though the waiting has been long – behold your deliverance is at hand. Reject the despotism of the familiar and the lifelessness of the situation.
I bring life from death, and from mourning and hopelessness I bring joy and new expectation. What are your expectations? That is just the starting place of what I am doing in your life. I am not holding out on you beloved. You are not a victim. I have not destined you for downturn but for upgrade.” – Father’s Heart Ministry
Even when we don’t “feel” it or “see” it yet – we must still believe God’s promises are on their way.
Those things deeply embedded in our hearts –
Don’t lose sight of them y’all.
Cling to God, rely on Him – for everything.
Praise Him through what feels like nothing going nowhere.
We see through a glass dimly after all.

We may be disappointed in His timing, but I do believe it is perfect –
Though we may not wait so gracefully.
Though we may kick & we may scream –
He is still a good, good Father.
He can be trusted with the best outcome for us.

Much love y’all & extra grace in the waiting!




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