Through His Eyes

“In the midst of pain, never forget that God does not share your doubts about yourself.” – Author Unknown
Some of us need so desperately to know this morning ~
We are not who we see in the mirror – we are SO much more.
We are SO adored.
Precious to Our Maker.
Precious in His sight.

When anything in us needs to change, He will see to it.
But never in condemnation.
Only with the Love of a Good Father.
We don’t have to abuse ourselves or other people to feel better.
To try to stop the pain & the marring of the lies we’ve believed that have scarred us for far too long.
It never works – but only digs a deeper hole to hide in.
But the sweet balm of Gilead, now that’s the healing we need.

If we will just allow God to reveal HIS Great Love to us-
And begin to receive it –
We will start down the path of self-discovery,
Seeing ourselves more through His eyes,
And not our own dirty windows.

God help us –
To love You more –
To love ourselves more –
To love our neighbor more.
Help us to seek good & stop playing with evil
And cleanse our hearts of any wicked way.
We need thee every hour.

In Jesus’ precious name,


Much love y’all,


(video courtesy of GaitherVevo)


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