The one word that popped up in my soul this morning when grappling with something worthy to share.

What do we do when it happens to us?
How do we react when nothing makes sense –
And we find ourselves on the floor?
A jolt that immobilizes us-
Bad news in our health, the loss of someone we love or that they love – over & over & over.
And the older we get the more it seems to happen.
Some things have the potential to be-all and end-all.
But it doesn’t have to go that way.
Sometimes life doesn’t make sense,not in the slightest.
Why is always the question, and we may or may not ever get the answers, this side of heaven.
So what do we do?

The only thing, I mean the ONLY thing, that ever truly helps me in the worst of blinding grief is to run to Jesus.
The safest place to land, or fall.

He has this amazing ability to absorb our grief, to remove our burdens, to shoulder blame – because we don’t always know where else to put it. He can take it – when we cannot.
He understands.

If you have been blindsided & are falling down an uninvited well right now –
If the storm is raging so loud & all you can see are death & hopelessness looming –
Strain to look out deeper, past the raging seas –
And you will see Him coming to your rescue.
Cry out to Jesus.
He is always with you.

I am praying right now for those of you in this place.

Much love y’all,


(this song always calms my soul – see link below.)

Third Day – Cry Out To Jesus

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