Though We Stumble..

When he falls, he shall not be hurled headlong; Because the LORD is the One who holds his hand. ~ Psalm 37:24

God rescues us from bring obliterated by our falls & failings when our hearts stay towards Him. It is rare for us as believers to be lessened to abject misery. God does not leave us. Though we may fall into the hands or arms of a tool of the enemy, & be sifted as wheat, God will not leave us there. I have seen it in my own life over & over.

Just last year I found myself surrounded by such darkness, so much so that it was other-worldly. I knew I had gone out of His will for me – with no doubt, even though it was a bit blurry up until that point. But the onslaught against me was not rivaled by anything else in a very long time – in fact it felt like there was a hellish hit out on me that I never saw coming.

But. God.
He came on the scene in all His brilliant light & shined the Truth on the lies that I had bought, hook, line & sinker. He put His Father’s foot down & said “Enough” – & this very personal enemy fled in 7 directions. I could not have done it on my own.
Crumpled & exhausted as I was after it was all said & done, slowly God mended me, bandaged me & held me till I was upright again.
Now, many months later, it is nothing more than a memory & I can write about it without feeling the pangs of it.
I. Am. Free.
Hallelujah Lord –

Sometimes when we have wanted something so much for so long, we become short-sighted. We trade our expectant receiving buckets in for tiny bowls that can’t possibly hold the gifts God wants to give us. If we will only just trust Him.

We miss the warning signs & stumble down paths headed hither & yon – thinking we are going the right way. Ignoring the small, still whispers to turn back. Please, just turn back.

Lord help all who struggle to want what You do, In Your way, & in Your time. Remind us of all the times You have rescued us in the past, & that You certainly have not left us now, nor will You ever. May we turn to You Lord in our disappointments & may we never shrink back in shame from You. Because You have already seen it all & yet You still love us so. Plant our feet firmly on Your solid ground. Again.

In Jesus’ Wonderful, Amazing, Heroic name,


Much love y’all,


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Father walking with daughter in field — Image by © Chev Wilkinson/cultura/Corbis

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