Our Year of Endearment


I receive this word (below)!
I feel like my little world has been turned upside down lately. Like everything is being shaken. An upheaval of sorts. I know I am not living my best life. I know I have not been making the best choices. I still constantly fall on my face before God – because I recognize just how much I truly do NEED Him. And all the more with each passing day.
I don’t always act like I am as Loved as I am.
I fall flat sometimes & other times I rise like I’ve got this down-pat.
I know God has good things in store for me. I really do.
But in my humanity. I fluctuate between a state of great expectancy & struggling with believing things won’t ever progress beyond where I am right now.
I want to be on the upswing again.
I know part of that has to come from me.
Taking those steps of faith.
I want this to be MY year of endearment. And yours.
Will you join me?
Much love y’all,
“This is your turnaround season! The very things in your life that have felt completely immovable, will move by My power this year! The circumstances that you currently find yourself in will completely turn around! I have been watching you ever so closely, so do not think that I am not aware of the problems that beset you or the negative circumstances that you find yourself in. On the contrary, they matter a great deal to Me. I will answer the cries of your heart. The prayers that have ascended to My throne will be answered. Even though you have been tried by fire, the fire of My love will now consume each and every prayer and request, and be returned to you as a reward from My heavenly throne. I AM a loving Father and each and every one of My children are what matter to Me.
So come to Me once again with your request. Watch Me fulfill your highest heart’s desires. I will endear My children to Myself through answered prayer. You will be amazed and awestruck at how personal I AM. So come to Me and share your most intimate and cherished desires, even the ones you think don’t matter to Me. I will show you how much they matter. I will love you back to life. I will encourage you daily with My presence and My voice will become ever so clear to each of My children. Trust Me, and do not be ashamed. It is the enemy who causes My children to feel ashamed. I do not shame My children. I love My children. I help My children. I instruct all of My children. I heal My children. And most of all, I set My children free for this IS the year of ENDEARMENT!” – Father’s Heart Ministry
(image courtesy of rolandoforispeaks.com)

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