I Am Grateful.


I am filled with it this morning.
For where I was & where I am now.
For who I was & who I am now.
For the heartbreak & for the healing.
For the beauty that has risen from the ashes.
For the life that has come from the death of things.
For the highs that rose from the lowest lows.
Grateful that I really like me now.
Grateful at being more comfortable in my own skin – imperfect as it is.
Grateful to be alive – for becoming more whole each day.
Grateful to all of you, every single one – that I get the privilege & honor to share this journey with.
For my sweet, sweet son – he is my miracle.
For my family – though we be spread out we are bound together.
For my friends – they have been my saving grace -through the thick & thin of it all.
And most of all – from the core of myself –
From the dirty places & from the clean –
I am grateful to God.
For My Lord & my Savior Jesus –
For the Holy Spirit who comforts me & gives me peace.
And exceeding great joy.
Who leads & guides me.
I would have no hope, no direction, no life without You.
On my face & with much love,
(image courtesy of powerofpositivity.com)
Beautiful little girl enjoying nature leaning out of a car window with her eyes closed in bliss and appreciation and a smile of pleasure in her yellow top matching the colorful rapeseed flowers

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