That’s the word that dropped into my soul in the middle of the night last night.

I am so grateful I am tethered to Jesus.

I’ve been so to many other things in my life that never led me anywhere good or redeeming, trust me.

I can’t wander but so far & God is pulling me back home, to Him.
I can’t fall but so fast & so low before He is upon me, my Superman. Catching me before I hit the ground ~ before it’s too late. And He’s always on time. Maybe not always my time, but perfect none-the-less.

He has saved me from death more times than I probably realize. He has ripped me from the enemy’s grasp – declaring “Enough!” ~ when I have lost all the strength to do so myself.
Over & over again.


Hallelujah Lord.
This I my praise offering to You this morning.
I could sing of Your love forever.

Much love y’all & have a wonderful weekend,


(image courtesy of http://revlaurabarclay.blogspot.com)


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