Leaving The Land Behind

A HumpDay rambling of sorts~

I talk to God y’all like I would a trusted friend, except that I tell Him things I don’t tell another soul. Things that are too naked, too exposed – things that might make another change their opinion of me. He sees it all anyway, so why do I still shrink in hiding sometimes? Why do I still run & hide under the proverbial covers hoping that if I stay there long enough, the stains of me will fade away? Oh, our humanity.
One day we will be free from it.
But what do we do until then?
Every day let’s goal-set on staying free – not allowing ourselves to get yoked again to the bondage-s & traps laid both hidden & plain that so easily beset us. Nothing changes when nothing changes.
Let’s face it, we can usually sense a snare when it’s coming. When we get in that wiggly, vulnerable frame of mind. You know the one. And we can spare ourselves if we will just pay attention to that wise & still, small voice inside. That says “Child, turn back to Me. Don’t go that way again….”
And yet we do. Not always, but we do.
And we find ourselves face-down once more in our own decisions.
And Love is right there to bind up our wounds.
Again & again.
Aren’t we tired of it all yet?
Lord help us. Help us to turn to You.
When we want so badly to run to other lovers.
To make us feel better.
An exhausting addiction among addictions.
Help us to see ourselves more like You do.
To love You & ourselves a little more each day.
Enough that we make better & better decisions.
Enough that we get stronger legs to stand firm when the winds come to blow us down.
Enough to say no when we must.
If we ever want to move past these lands that we really, deep-down, don’t want to dwell in anymore.
We cry out for more of Your grace Lord.
To help us do what we cannot do alone. Anymore.
In Jesus’ precious, all-knowing name,
(image courtesy of truelifewithgod.com)

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