C’mon People!

Something that has been hitting me lately is just how much I don’t like or want drama in my life anymore.

Life is short. And it gets a little shorter every single day.

I like peace & treading the waters of happiness as often as I can.
I know life is going to happen & I cannot shield myself from that but to purposefully take part in un-necessary turmoil? No thanks.

I like genuine-ness in a person. I appreciate it probably more than anything else. If someone doesn’t like me it’s ok. I’d rather they not pretend to.

Don’t masquerade to be someone you’re not just to get attention or fulfill some selfish desire. It’s like walking around in a crowd swinging a stick with a blindfold on. Hurting people left & right while you’re – well – blind to it all. Stop the madness.

If someone has a problem with me, come to me with it – don’t disconnect & get all passive-aggressive. That’s ridiculous.
We are grown. Let’s talk about it.

I value truth & honesty. I don’t play games & I won’t allow them either. Been there, done that. I’m good. Thanks.

Rodney King said it best – “Why can’t we all just get along?”.
Amen my brother. I know you are at peace now.

This ends my Thursday rant.
Anyone feel me?

Much love y’all – PLEASE!


(image courtesy of jiujitsumag.com)

Love your neighbor as yourself… ~ Mark 12:31



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