For You

I want to admonish you this morning.
Yes, you there reading this.

Possibly rolling your eyes thinking ~
“Yet another feel-good message that won’t work for me.
Another reason to feel less-than because I will never measure up. Another dagger driven deeper into my deep-seeded belief things will never get better.”

I know this –
God is greater than whatever you are facing.
You just need to believe it’s the Truth.

He loves you beyond measure.
You just need to believe it’s the Truth.

The more you begin to believe in what He says vs. what circumstances seem to dictate, the more you will rise.
Above the chaos, above the pain, above the reproach.
The bitterness, the shame, the envy.
The longings that seem to forever go unmet.
I get it.

It’s amazing the miracle of what starts to happen when we turn towards heaven & lift up our eyes above what we see.
I testify, it really is.

Trust me ~ I am a nothing apart from God.
I have done so much wrong & had so much wrong done to me.
I too have fallen down wells thinking I’d never come back up. I too have made homes in pits of despair & darkness of my own making. And sometimes not.

But. God.

Let Him love you today.
Let Him prove to you He Is Who He Says He Is.
Let Him be all the things no-one else has ever been.

He can & He will.

Be encouraged.
He lives.


Much love y’all & joy unspeakable,


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