Loving The Unlovely

“…..stop allowing the enemy to set the agenda for your responses to those who are obnoxious, unloving and unbelieving. There is no defense against love. Why would you posture yourself before ANYONE who doesn’t know Me in any way but love? Love is the undeniable, impregnable, absolutely undefeated force in the earth. It is who I am and not just what I do. Go out in your day and BE love in an unconditional way. Go out and love with the love that I loved when I went to the cross. This is the love that brings resurrection from the grave and life from death. This is the love that deposits you in the heavens – seated in My person upon the throne as a principality and power in the earth. This beloved is the love I give to you and the love I desire to give through you to a lost world that is caving in to My kingdom even as I speak.” – Father’s Heart Ministry


Ahhh yes, love.
This is quite the challenge this morning.

Let’s face it – some folks are just plain ol’ hard to love.
I know I can be.
We all have flaws & imperfections – & some of us carry them louder & uglier than others.

Hurting people hurt people. Always have, always will.

I do my very best to show love with every opportunity & I’ll admit sometimes I fail miserably. Sometimes I just don’t feel like it.

It’s something we all ought to be stretching towards. .
To love. More.

Now if someone is bringing us harm, obviously we should separate ourselves from that. Love doesn’t always stay.
Sometimes loving is leaving.

But our highest goal is to fall in love with God more & more ~ and as we do, that catapults us into loving others & ourselves in a greater measure.

I’ll take some of that.
Yes please.

Much more big, beautiful Love y’all,


(image courtesy of eatingmanna.com)

bearded man praying
bearded man praying

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