Better Than Life

God’s Love for us is better than this life.

Because let’s face it ~ life is known to be tough, painful, beautiful, awful, & glorious. And that can all happen in just one week.
We struggle, we triumph, we fail & we fall.
And we get back up. Again.
We overcome & we get stronger, we stand on our faith & we rest in His peace. And sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we are tired. And weak. Challenges come & we ebb & we flow. We are human.
And what is there as a constant through it all ~
That never changes, where no shadow of turning is found ~ no matter what?
His. Great. Love.
Meditate on these words, this Friday morning.
Let it softly blanket whatever you are facing in this moment.
His Love is better.
Much of it y’all ~ much, much.
(image found of pinterest)

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