Let’s. Be. Brave.

What are you facing this morning?
Where do you find your soul? Is it in a state of calm or chaos?
Are you in faith or in fear?

I straddle the lines in-betwixt all of the above when hard things hit, I won’t lie. But my goal is always to land on my feet, after landing at His.

If I choose to trust, to be brave, then I can.
And so can you.

We mustn’t lose sight of the shore of our foundation ~ Jesus.
We ought to keep our eyes peeled for Him constantly because even on the darkest days, He is there.
And famous for showing up in ways only you & I would recognize as being Him ~ individual little gifts of Light.
Hand-picked & wrapped just for you. And for me.
Oh to know & to be known in that way.

We were never promised an easy, happy life all of the time.
But oh, the sweet promise of never being left alone as we navigate our little worlds.
The promise of always being Loved, regardless of our actions.
Of heavenly help out of earthly hells, because sometimes – let’s face it- that’s what it feels like.
Especially when it involves our children or someone else very near & dear.
Or when it involves our souls, ravaged after another fiery trial that was invited or maybe one we never saw coming.

I, for one, really, really need to be brave today.
Join me y’all – let’s do this.
The Redeemer & Restorer of all things is in our corner.
How can we not?

Hallelujah Lord.

Much love y’all & standing up tall,


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